Updates to the facility

Hello Everyone! It has been 11 days since we completed the purchase of the property and we have been non-stop! We are moving quickly at completing much needed maintenance Not only did we want to complete tasks that we felt necessary, we also wanted to ask boarders their thoughts. We even have new boarders that came to the facility in prior months. We asked them what their major concerns were. The top 2 responses were: cleanliness of facility(urine smell) and the quality of flooring in the stalls. Well, we are knee deep in removing all material in all of the stalls to give each and every one a deep clean. We are also installing much needed substrate and rubber mats. This will ensure much needed comfort for the horses in both smell and relief of standing on the prior uneven stall floors.

As we continue to update and complete maintenance that hasn't been done in a long time, we are adding new horses So if you haven't been out lately, stop on by and look around

And we are completing all of these upgrades and not raising the price of horse boarding one penny!!!

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