Welcome to Mane Haven Equestrian Center

Hello Everyone. Today, December 11, 2020 is a very exciting day. We closed on the former Turner Stables located at 14201 Petersburg Road and became the new owners.

Who is the new owner and what are the plans?

I will start with who.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Daugherty. I was born and raised in Evansville just down the road near the airport. I have had a lifelong obsession for horses passed on to me by my mother, Genie, who has lived and breathed horses since she was little. I left Evansville to go to college at Purdue University. (You will see some Purdue flags flying for any IU fans… 😊) I obtained by Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as my MBA. I was VP of a company for 7 years before starting my own business. All of the stars aligned with this opportunity from Mark and Holly to reach a dream of mine and operate an equestrian facility.

I currently board my horse at a facility in Lafayette and have learned a great deal from the Veterinarians at Purdue, my horses Vet, as well as the many professionals around this area. While I am going to miss the great professionals and the luxury of having Purdue in my back yard, I am excited to bring that breadth of knowledge that I have learned to Turner Stables.

Now the plans.

I have some lofty goals of the facility to continue the great strides started by the Turners. While my experience is much different than theirs, my main goal is to continue to provide the excellent customer service provided by the Turners. My initial goals will be maintenance items pointed out by the company doing the inspection. I will share a few additional goals I have with just my short-term visits to the stable.

  • Technology upgrades that will include optional cameras to view your horse stables and wifi
  • Lighting upgrade for the arena
  • Upgrading the air systems for the horses in the summer
  • Moving to an automated watering system to ensure constant fresh water
  • Upgrading the shower setup
  • Insulating the extra boarding(hay) barn
  • Additional segregated paddocks for outdoor only boarding
  • Security systems including camera systems for security

    Now one of the biggest concerns was purchasing and privatizing the property. I have no intention of changing what is working. As a horse owner, I have struggled finding a quality boarding facility to board my horse. This is due to the increase in commercialization of property around metropolitan areas. The plan is to keep this as a premier facility for many years to come.

    As you have found our new website, please go through and let us know if there are any issues, or if you have any questions. Thank you for taking the time to learn about this new exciting opportunity.

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