General Updates

  • How important is fresh water

    General Updates

    We pride ourselves here at Mane Haven to provide fresh clean water 2x per day. We ensure water buckets are cleaned often. What does "clean" mean? We scrub the buckets and troughs out to ensure clean water for our equine companions.





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  • Welcome to Mane Haven Equestrian Center

    General Updates

    Hello Everyone. Today, December 11, 2020 is a very exciting day. We closed on the former Turner Stables located at 14201 Petersburg Road and became the new owners.

    Who is the new owner and what are the plans?

    I will start with who.

    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Daugherty. I was born and raised in Evansville just down the road near the airport. I have had a lifelong obsession for horses passed on to me by my mother, Genie, who has lived and breathed horses since she was little. I left Evansville to go to college at Purdue University. (You will see some Purdue flags...

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